Now Recharging

Category: comics

Emmie is an android who loves sheep, is bad at math, and worries about nonexistence. Designed to learn naturally with no apparent end application, they do their best to navigate the ups, downs and wonders of life, from laundry and job hunting to pondering one’s purpose and place. Even the ordinary is an adventure!

Now Recharging started as an experiment. I was trying to create something to help me process thoughts and fears about life and living, and to pay tribute to things I love - people, places, memories, ideas, and more. It explores the wonders and joys of the ordinary alongside death, dying and impermanence in a gentle, comforting way. 

The completed webcomic ran from 2015 to 2022, comprising 12 chapters totaling 684 pages. It was featured by GlobalComix as a "Most Popular of 2022: Slice of Life" Top 10 comic.

You can read the full work at (this link starts you at page 1).

Content warnings - it contains swearing and mentions of death and dying as a normal part of life.