Digital ink brush-style illustration of a giant and very fluffy red lion-dog with its tongue hanging out running alongside a smiling Buddhist monk with long, flowing sleeves trailing behind him. The monk is carrying a ringed staff. Glowing butterflies emerge from under his sleeves and flutter about them

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha!

Heart Sutra

Digital illustration in Affinity Photo, October 2021. Bian, Ksitigarbha and glowy friends from Tusita’s Last Tenant. See below for details and wips. More commentary at Pillowfort.

Closeup of the lion-dog Bian's faceCloseup of the monk Ksitigarbha Rough sketch of the illustration Inked version of the illustration Grid of four images showing different flat colour options for the red lion-dog, ranging from black and white to different shades of red