Ink/brush-style illustration of the artist in a circular shape, showing a person wearing glasses and grinning next to a small squirrel-like creature squeezing in from the side and waving

Maiji/Mary Huang is a happy little squirrel and also a Taiwanese-Canadian artist and writer based out of Toronto. Her work incorporates themes of Eastern philosophy and mythology and everyday human experiences. 

Also on: GlobalComix / Mastodon / Pillowfort / Tumblr 

A member of: SpiderForest Webcomic Collective / Cartoonist Coop

Email: m[at]humangray[dot]com

What is a maiji? 

The maiji is a squirrel-like creature I started drawing back in elementary school. She’s long since turned into a convenient mascot or alter ego and a long-running in-joke amongst friends, popping up in various projects. Maijis are a base from which I can draw all sorts of silly things!