1 small quiet somewhere

Category: comics

A centaur-like gandharva Buddhist monk and a small hamster-like creature take care of a retreat, and each other. You're most welcome to visit, wander around, rest, and contemplate. 

1 small quiet somewhere is a slow-paced cozy slice-of-life, slightly abstract conceptual Buddhist fantasy thing. 

It's not a conventional narrative, but rather the kind of thing I find I'm most comfortable with: making lots of random little pieces that, over time, stitch together into a kind of bigger picture. It combines art, sketches, writings, short stories and comics. I'm thinking of it as building a little meditation/contemplation retreat for myself in my mind (and also on the internet, haha.) 

Treat it as something you could dip into and out of with a nice cup of tea. 

All the pieces are intended to be related in some fashion, but there’s no specific chronology or sequence to follow. Updated periodically with no set schedule.

You can see all the completed pieces to date at smallquiet.humangray.com.